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A story of Restoration

Brown Wood

Meet Bill Kurtis

Born in nearby Independence, Kansas, Bill Kurtis became a well-known TV personality and investigative journalist, but he never forgot his roots. 

He put together parcels of land to become a 10,000 acre ranch in 1998 that is now the Red Buffalo Ranch. He also spent his energy helping the historic downtown of Sedan, by restoring the old commercial buildings to their former beauty and establishing the Gift Store. His restoration brings in people from all over the world to see the true natural beauty of the local prairies he fell in love with when he was just a boy. 

Now, the Red Buffalo Ranch is home to hundreds of Buffalo, grass-fed cattle, and other wildlife.  Ours is a real American success story. A small town, a man with a vision and people with the desire to make that vision become reality.

"There's less to get in the way of you and the heavens out on the prairies of Kansas." - Bill Kurtis

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