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Butcher Falls

Just 15 minutes outside of Sedan, Kansas, you will find this amazing natural attraction. Butcher Falls is beautiful and rugged between its rock wall banks. During spring high water, it is the most impressive natural falls in Kansas. The 14' high falls is on Pool Creek, just a 500' above the point where the creek empties into Middle Caney Creek. 


It marks the entrance to our expansive ranch. We are open from dusk until dawn for nature trails, hiking, fishing, and even hunting during the winter and fall seasons. Just contact us to get yourself squared away. 

Crushed Stone Selection
Magnified Grass


Prairiehenge is an original earthwork by Stan Herd of Lawrence, Kansas. The two interlocking circles of native limestone rock were created as a tribute to the land and the people who have live upon it.  It is located on Ranch and is sight to be seen when you come visit Sedan, Kansas.

Buffalo Run

The Red Buffalo Ranch is an operational cattle and buffalo ranch.  You can see these giant buffalo among hundreds of other wildlife while you walk these vast prairies. You can stop by the shop on Main Street or visit the online shop to get your souvenir.

Dancing on the Grass

Little House On the Prairie Museum

Home of the original little house on the prairie, you can roam the prairie to witness for yourself what it was like to live during the pioneer times or visit the museum in the nearby town of Independence, Kansas to learn more. To enjoy stargazing at night, book your stay in our rustic river cabin.