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Dancing on the Grass

Little House On the Prairie Museum

Home of the original little house on the prairie, you can roam the prairie to witness for yourself what it was like to live during the pioneer times or visit the museum in the nearby town of Independence, Kansas to learn more. To enjoy stargazing at night, book your stay in our rustic river cabin.




Little House on the Prairie

Pawhuska, Oklahoma

 A cool cowboy town as well as the home of the Osage Nation. It’s a pretty drive 30 minutes south from Sedan on Hwy 99.  Ree Drummund, The Pioneer Women has 2 wonderful restaurants and a bakery on Main Street. Downtown is full of great shopping and galleries Walking is the best way to see it.  The Ben Johnson Museum is a crash course in cowboy & rodeo culture.  The Osage have just broken ground building a new casino / hotel /visitor complex expected to be completed.            

A short distance from downtown Pawhuska is the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.  Take a self guided tour to see the prairie and hopefully find the buffalo herd of 3000 + head.




Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Frank Lloyd Wright built his only high rise building in downtown Bartlesville, called the Price Tour. Home to oil man Frank Phillips. His home in town is open for tours.  The real treasure is his museum and Wildlife Preserve built in 1925 called Wooleroc which showcases his wonderful Western art collection.



Buffalo Hunts

Every December & January we usually have a few rowdy male teenage buffalo that have not had the successes in breeding they so desire. Since they don’t have the choice of breeding for an activity, they usually decide to trample fence in various locations or create a new opening we had never even considered.  And of course, fight with each other!!  About this same time, it’s Deer Rifle Season in Kansas.  We have visitors from all over the country in town to experience hunting our world class white tail deer.  We can often do a Buffalo Hunt on the Red Buffalo Ranch, for guys that get their buck early, and find they have some time on their hands here in Chautauqua County. It’s a great ending to a hunting trip. It’s also the most furry time of year for the buffalo, making for a good looking taxidermied mount. If you are only interested in the meat, we have talented butchers/processors near the ranch ready to process your entire buffalo, as you want it done,  for your trip home.  Give Dave Parsons a call for more information.

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