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A peak At LIfe On The prairie

Our favorites

Flavored Coffee

Our locally sourced arabic bean roasted coffee comes in dozens of delicious and unique flavors, along with a simple medium and dark roast.  

RB Leather Candle.jpg


Our home label products are made with all natural ingredients, let our prairie themed items keep your memories alive.

Naturally Beautiful

Experience a place that is purely prairie. The Red Buffalo Ranch on the eastern edge of the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas. Offering tall grass lands and endless skies!

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"There's just something about Red Buffalo Country that stays with you long after you leave. Maybe it's the memories of the crimson sunsets, or the sound of rushing water over Butcher Falls, or perhaps the feeling of the lush prairie grasses under foot that remind you of your stay...Red Bufffalo Country has a way of getting into your soul and never letting go."

-Zula Bennington GreeN
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