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Welcome to The Red Buffalo Ranch

There’s just something about Red Buffalo Country that stays with you long after you leave. 

Maybe it’s the memories of the crimson sunsets or the sound of the rushing water over Butcher Falls, or perhaps the feeling of the lush prairie grasses under foot that remind you of your stay.  Or maybe it’s the way people wave to one another as they pass by on the gravel road. 

Red Buffalo Country has a way of getting into your soul and never letting go.

While in Sedan, enjoy The Red Buffalo Gift Shop, specialty shops and take a step back in time in small town America.  Take a moment and savor the flavor of our Red Buffalo gourmet coffee and sit back and relax while the world passes by the front window.

For the adventurous traveler, spend a night in our rustic river cabin located on The Red Buffalo Ranch.  Spend an evening on the deck watching the stars and get in touch with the spirits of the prairie.

Won’t you join us, our services include:

Experience the simple majesty of the prairie.  The Red Buffalo Ranch, located on the eastern edge of the beautiful Kansas Flint Hills, offering tall grasses and endless skies.  In the words of Kansas native and renowned journalist Bill Kurtis, “there’s less to get in the way of you and the heavens on the prairies of Kansas!”

Awards & Recognitions

Post subject: Red Buffalo Ranch in Sedan Kansas
I had the opportunity to hunt the Red Buffalo Ranch in Sedan Kansas this past muzzle loader season. I would like to thank Dave Parsons for some great Kansas Hospitality. I just want to say it was first class, from the accommodations to the helpful and friendly guides. The guides were very knowledgeable and were doing their best to put us on game. Unfortunately the weather was very hot in the mid to upper 80s. The bucks were moving mostly at dark. I saw plenty of deer, but I was holding out for something big. I would recommend this hunt to someone who is looking for a truly unique and memorable hunt. I went on this hunt alone and met some great people who I now call friends. Rich Maguire -